REFU Amora Diffuser Stone

REFU Amora Diffuser Stone
REFU Amora Diffuser Stone
REFU Amora Diffuser Stone

REFU Amora Diffuser Stone

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The unpolished rose quartzes mend your heart in their most direct and natural forms. Paired with the calming cement container, your heart will feel serene and steady.

The collision diffused in the air is you and the moment of your own. Quietly awaiting you and warmly engulfing your soul.

Fragrance oil from UK
Note : Spicy
Top/Heart/Base : Hazelnut/Cedarwood/Oak

Like an oak tree baked by the sun in the woods, together with the refreshing citrus, calming roses and white musk, the fragrance makes you feel like walking down a country road in the dusk, being so quiet, warm and dreamlike.

Product Details:
Contents :Cement、Diffuser Stone (natural ore)、Fragrance Oil、Beech Wood Cover
Made in Taiwan
Weight:500g(excluding packagings)
Diffuser Container:9 cm x 5.3 cm
Diffuser Stone: 2-4cm in diameter/ stone; around 9-13 stones/ bag
Fragrance Oil:10ml

How to maintain the diffuser stones?
Before putting the diffuser stones into the cement container, we recommend to wipe them with the disposable wet wipes. After arranging the stones in your preferred style, place the diffuser set in a well ventilated indoor area and then put a few drops (1-5 drops) of the fragrance oil evenly over the stones.
When the scents faint after a while, you can either continue adding a few drops more, or wipe the stones before refilling them with the fragrance oil again.
If you want to try another fragrance, we recommend to purify the stones with water-diluted, low-concentration disinfectant alcohol before adding in the new fragrance oil.

Place of origin

Contents: cement, expansion stones (natural raw ore), essential oils, 
Weight: 500g (excluding packaging) About 9-13 pieces
Essential oil: 10ml

The ore can be placed on its own because of personal preferences, and the way of placement will affect the height
Because the expansion stone is a natural product of nature, each size is different.
It is easy to have unpredictable small flaws (ice cracks, color differences, and impurities are natural phenomena).
Cement is fragile material, please be careful when used.

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