i H Y G G E  •  S T O R Y


Slow down and enjoy life,
let’s find the secret key to health and happiness!

iHYGGE (pronunciation : i-hoo-ga) is derived from the ancient Norwegian word Hygge, which is a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being. This also characterises people’s attitude towards life in Denmark.  To achieve happiness, we believe the secret lies in "i" - cherishing oneself, gradually reconnecting with the soul, developing healthy living habits, and appreciating the beauty in life, thus improving the health of body and mind from the inside out, and that is iHYGGE!

To help you start and maintain this simple but happy life attitude, we endeavour to search for a variety of natural and  high-quality wellness products, ranging from natural and organic food, additive-free personal care as well as non-toxic household products. You can cultivate a quality life that embraces yourself without the need for expensive purchases.

We are looking forward to start this simple but beautiful journey with you and your family, embracing every small thing and true happiness, and ultimately mastering the secret key to health and happiness!

" iHYGGE " is an attitude to life,
 let’s reveal the secret of wellness!