Suphia's Vegan Cake

Suphia's Vegan Cake

    Unlike traditional cakes, raw cakes don't require baking and are free from gluten, eggs, yeast,  dairy, and refined sugars. Instead, they contain only whole, natural, plant-based and unprocessed ingredients such as nuts, seeds, fruits, superfoods and unrefined sweeteners and oils.

    The wholesome ingredients truly nourish our body and soul ! 

    The size does not look as big as normal sponge cakes.

    Texture:  between ice cream and cheese cake, melt in the mouth. 
    Storage : must keep at the freezer or fridge .

    freezer for up to 3 months , or refrigerate 2-6 degrees for 4 days. 

    Suphia's Raw Matcha Rose ice cream Cake (KETO/Low Carb) Pre-order
    $3.00 ~ $104.00
    Suphia Peanut Butter Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake (Pre-order)
    $3.00 ~ $91.00
    Suphia's Cho Mint Ice-Cream Cake │ diabetes Keto (Pre-order)
    $3.00 ~ $91.00
    Suphia's Detox Charcoal Coconut Ice-cream Cake (Pre-order)
    $3.00 ~ $90.00
    Suphia's Happy Rainbow Fake Ice-Cream Cake KETO│Low Carb
    $3.00 ~ $116.00
    Suphia's No Bake Orange Carrot Cake (Pre-order)
    $3.00 ~ $95.00
    Suphia Raw Strawberry Fake Ice Cream Cake (Pre-order)
    $3.00 ~ $91.00
    Suphia's Bilberry Ice-cream Cake KETO│Low Carb (Pre-order)
    $4.00 ~ $91.00
    Suphia's Sesame Ice Cream Cake Keto Diabetes (Pre-order)
    $3.00 ~ $90.00
    Suphia Pretty Skin Berry ice cream Cake (KETO/Low Carb) Pre-order
    $3.00 ~ $91.00
    Suphia's Chocolate Avocado Cake KETO│Low Carb (Pre-order)
    $3.00 ~ $84.00
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