Daitima (濕疹護理)

Daitima Eczema Care

    Daitima complies with "International GMPC Production Standards and the highest level of global cosmetics production certification ISO 22716:2007." Daitima is manufactured in Hong Kong and has its own dust-free production facility, with authoritative notary public testing and certification.

    Daitima required high quality proof with MSDS report for all every raw material, a safety data report similar to a birth certificate. It has also obtained international-level skincare product manufacturing certification ISO 22716, complying with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and has a dust-free facility within the factory to ensure quality.

    Keep all products are natural, organic, preservative-free, food-grade, and have less ingredients as less can be, for "eczema sufferers" as less ingredients to reduce the sensitivity."

    The product is natural and non-toxic ingredients:
    NONE : Hormones, steroids, foaming agents, chemical preservatives, plasticizers, heavy metals, residual pesticides

    [The Brand's Story]

    I am a mother...

    A few years ago, my daughter suffered from severe eczema. We tried various eczema treatments, applying different steroids and eczema ointments, but nothing improved. That's when I decided to use natural, organic ingredients, adding Chinese herbal medicine or essential oils to create creams and handmade soaps. This way, my daughter could grow up without relying on steroids and anti-allergy drugs. After numerous adjustments and formula changes, I finally developed a cream that helped my daughter's eczema. As I shared my daughter's eczema story, I realized that many of my friends also struggled with eczema. And so, from sharing to producing for others, and eventually manufacturing and selling, the brand began.

    Since the first and second products were developed for my daughter, I naturally used my two daughters' names as the brand name, Daitima!

    After years of product research and development, I was determined to build a good brand. In 2019, I finally gave up my 20-year career as a first-class chemist and devoted myself entirely to Daitima products, thanking all our customers for their support!

    Daitima Organic Eczema Care Set (Lotion / Soap / Cream)
    Sale Price $598.00 Regular Price $622.00
    Daitima Organic Body Cream For Eczema LV.3 50g
    Daitima Eczema Body Cream Lv.2 50g (Baby version)
    Daitima Eczema Body Cream Lv.1 50g (Baby version)
    Daitima Organic Calendula Cream 50g (Baby Friendly)
    Daitima Organic Gel Mask Aloe Vera Gel 80g
    Daitima Organic Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion 150ml
    Daitima Organic Cocoa butter & Sea buckthorn Stick 30g
    Daitima Organic Cocoa Butter Sea Buckthorn Lotion 150ml
    Organic Cocoa butter Sea buckthorn Soap 85g
    Sale Price $115.00 Regular Price $165.00
    Daitima Marseille Soap 85g
    Sale Price $113.00 Regular Price $147.00
    Daitima Herbal Eczema Handmade Soap 85g
    Daitima Giftbox Set - Baby Eczema Care
    Sale Price $372.00 Regular Price $454.00
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