Pacha 女性用品

Pacha Green pads & liners

    About pacha

    Your support system, that’s us.

    We imagine a world where people are at peace with their bodies and with the environment.

    Therefore we exist to help you feel comfortable so that there are no limits to all the amazing things you are capable of - no matter who you are or on which day of the month it is.

    And this shouldn’t be at the expense of our Mother Earth.

    A movement for all of you with period, we set out to improve your wellbeing by providing high quality, affordable and eco-friendly period products and access to information and solutions to period health issues. And every step forward, we’ll inspire stigma-shattering conversations about periods.

    What does pacha mean?

    “Pacha” means “peace” in Latin and “world” in Inca mythology (Pachamama being Mother Earth),we seek to engender peace to our Mother Earth by creating a solution to period plastic wastes.

    Through providing high-quality, affordable and eco-friendly products and de-stigmatising period care,
    we bring peace and comfort to every woman and the Earth.

    pacha Breeze Organic Cotton Panty Liners (20pcs)
    pacha Twilight Organic Cotton Night-time Pads (10pcs)
    pacha Dawn Organic Cotton Day-Time Pads (10pcs)
    pacha Essentials (Panty Liners/day/night x 1 box each)
    pacha All Around You Set (2 boxes each)
    pacha Organic Cotton Day & Nignt (2 boxes each)
    pacha Breeze Organic Cotton Panty Liners (bundle 4boxes)
    pacha Dawn Organic Cotton Day-time Pad 4 boxes
    pacha Twilight (10pcs) Bundle 4 boxes
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