Bare for Bare

    Caring naturally...the botanical way

    Every achievement made today by a woman creates more possibilities for the next girl.

    The women of today brave challenges and draw strength from an inner confidence and their innate nurturing attributes, seek growth and self-improvement, baring their feminine soul, conquering and embracing life with hope and enthusiasm.

    The women of today are self-assured yet grounded, risk takers yet calm and composed, strong yet encouraging. They are comfortable in their own skin, speak their mind and BARE their soul.

    bare for bare represents the women of today who expect and want the best in life.

    The Bare Essentials: Our Story

    Since time immemorial, mankind has relied on Mother Nature when it comes to caring for themselves and those they love.

    For centuries, botanical solutions have been used to cure various ailments, improve moods and ensure people’s wellbeing. Today, the world is becoming increasingly conscious of the power of nature’s botanicals and its countless benefits and efficacies.

    bare for bareis inspired by this timeless approach – back to the basics, drawing on the natural healing powers of Mother Nature’s botanical treasures.

    The brainchild of a career woman whose family’s wellbeing is close to her heart, bare for bare was born from the wondrous experiences curated from her travels around the world.

    A firm believer in harnessing the healing power and therapeutic benefits of nature’s botanicals lavender and rose from Europe, peppermint and green tea from Asia, etc., she created bare for bare – a holistic range of natural, botanical-based body and skin care products.

    Bare For Bare Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner (Rosemary & Lily) 500ml
    Bare for Bare Dandruff Control Calming Shampoo (Lavender & Honeysuckle) 500ml
    Bare For Bare Dandruff Control Calming Conditioner (Lavender & Honeysuckle) 500ml
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