Annie's 水果條

Annies 100% Fruit Snack


    100% Fruit

    For 33 years we’ve been making 100% fruit snacks loved by New Zealanders and the world over.

    We’ve innovated a little, adjusting Annies to offer more convenient on-the-go options in a new, natural look. Share packs for sleepovers, an energy boost for hiking expeditions, a post-workout pick-me-up, a lunchbox staple or simply something to quell those hangry moments. It’s the same natural fruit snack now in different options for New Zealanders and people across the globe to enjoy. 

    Today Annies is owned by Kono, a values-led Māori-owned business based in Te Tauihu (the top of the South Island in New Zealand). The values that underpin the Kono guide our decision making. The principle values behind the Annies business are Pono, which is all about being truthful, and doing what we say. Like the very first leather made 33 years ago, our recipe hasn't changed and our fruit snacks still only have 2-3 fruit ingredients, made by people that care. Another key value that drives all we do is Whanaungatanga,the recognition that together we are more.

    We will continue to make natural fruit snacks, doing as little as possible to our fruit to ensure you and your family can get more out of it, together.

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