Terms of use

General clauses and rules


1. Service


1.1 We are Savefever, a wholly -owned subsidiary of Meida Service Co., Ltd. Our website provides convenient shopping models through the Internet (including the use of applications or software), and provides online entertainment information ("service") around the clock.


1.2 Use the website, which means that you agree to be subject to the following terms and rules. Please read the relevant terms and rules carefully.


1.3 We keep all rights and change these terms and rules from time to time and from time to time without notifications. The revised terms and rules have begun to take effect from the release date. His will continue to use our website and our services, which is deemed to be the latest version of these terms and rules.




1.4.1 "We" is a statement of the right (the name or name of the company or the company's name or name).


1.4.2 "You" is a description of the person who provides services to us or delivered the goods to the goods that we pay for the goods we pay.


1.4.3 "Content" refers to the combination of all text, images, signs, icons, photos, images, mobile visual images or sounds, and the image and sound effects selected, shown or used or related to our website, and the sound effects and sound effects related to it. , Computer program and other materials.


1.4.4 "Commodity" refers to your ordered goods or services that will be paid through our website.


1.4.5 "Intellectual Property Rights" refers to any and all patents, trademarks, domain name rights, design rights, copyrights and database rights (whether registered and registered for any above applied or the right to apply for registered by any above), confidentiality), confidentiality), confidentiality), confidentiality), and the right to apply for registration of any above), confidentiality), confidentiality), and confidentiality. Data rights and all other intellectual property rights that may exist in anywhere in the world in the future.


1.4.6 "Service" has the meaning given by Article 1.1.


1.4.7 "Supplier" refers to the commercial sellers and suppliers ordered through our website.


1.4.8 "Website" refers to Savefever's website (www.savefever.com) and any related website connected to it.


1.4.9 "User Content" refers to the meaning given by Article 11.1.



2. Register


2.1 You must register with us when using services or ordering. Through registration, it means that your statement (and we have the right to rely on the relevant statement accordingly) will be over 18 years old or more, and have the ability to form a legal binding contract.


2.2 Taking the provision of all suppliers to us and through our website to provide a statement of providing products through our website, all ordered by our website will be carried out within the scope of the rights of the contract.


2.3 In view of your service, you agree:


2.3.1 Provide the real, accurate, latest and complete information about your gnut when filling in the registry; and


2.3.2 Maintain and instantly update the registration information to ensure the real, accurate, latest and complete of the relevant information. If we have reasonable reasons, we suspect that any information is false, inaccurate, not the latest or incomplete, and we have the right to suspend or terminate the registration.


3. Order


3.1 Unless there are other indications, we are not sellers or suppliers of goods. We are responsible for managing websites, arranging order processing processes, and completion of products that provide providing products ordered to suppliers through our website.


3.2 When you order it, it means that you purchase such products from the supplier at the designated price of the product. Once you submit, you must not cancel the relevant orders, even if we have not accepted or rejected your order.


3.3 We will confirm that we have received your order in the form of email. The confirmation email will provide:


3.3.1 Extended order details,


3.3.2 Price details collected,


3.3.3 Orders' order follow -up information, and


3.3.4 It is expected to be delivered and delivered.


This communication will indicate that our suppliers accept your orders. You can track your order status online.


3.4 Our order will only cover the product that the confirmation is, and may not cover all the products ordered by you. If this is the case, when we further issued a confirmation of the other products of your order, the ordering parties made by the order part were accepted.


3.5 The inventory of goods is available online and will be updated regularly by suppliers. However, it should not be dependent on whether the goods you intend to buy are indeed an exact statement of inventory.


3.6 We retain their rights to be fully right to accept or cancel orders on any reason, including but not limited to:


3.6.1 The goods ordered by you are not enough inventory;


3.6.2 Failure to arrange delivery on your area; or


3.6.3 The price marked by one or more products ordered by you is wrong due to errors or computer errors or pricing materials provided by the supplier.


3.7 If we cancel your order, we will notify you in an email, and will be as soon as possible but in your own order to deposit any amount deducted from our credit card in your credit card in your account. Essence You do not need to make any compensation on your dissatisfaction.


4. Price and payment


4.1 We will take all reasonable business efforts to display accurate and latest prices on our website. However, because the prices of various types of sales are usually updated by suppliers, we cannot list the actual price before accepting your order.


4.2 If the price of the product is higher than the price when we plan to accept the order, we will


4.2.1 cancel your order, or


4.2.2 Liaison will consult if you intend to pay a higher price or cancel your order.


4.3 If we cancel the order and what you have made any payment, we will return any amount deducted from our credit card from your credit card. You agree and accept that we do not need to make any compensation for your dissatisfaction.


4.4 We only accept VISA and MasterCard credit card payment. When you make a order, it means that you authorize us to pay at the amount of the goods specified by your designated goods according to the amount of the goods when we accept the order. Before receiving the money, the ownership of the goods will not be transferred to your own.


4.5 We use third -party payment services for online transactions. When you make or order, you agree and accept, and due to its terms and rules, your credit card information will be collected, processed and reserved by us and payment service providers. Exceedment agreed and accepted, you will be alone and alone to take any losses involved in or incurred during credit card transactions, and we do not need to bear any all or part of the losses in any case.


5. Delivery


5.1 Except for the first two days of the Lunar New Year and the typhoon warning signal or black rainstorm warning of the 8th or more, we are delivered from Monday to Sunday in specific areas of Hong Kong. We are not currently delivered to buildings in remote areas and outlying islands, and no lift equipment. We retain the right to decide to refuse delivery. With Agreement and acceptance, you will collect the orderly ordered goods from our logistics center. In any case, we will not accept the cancellation of orders or refund it from your Photo.


5.2 We will send the goods ordered by your order through our staff or third -party suppliers. At the same time as you confirm the product, you agree that the identity certificate with a photo should be requested. When the goods are delivered to the delivery address provided by you, the goods are deemed to be delivered to you and you will receive it. If you fail to receive the goods for any reason, your consent and acceptance of our right to choose to collect additional fees from you or cancel your order without refunds or make any compensation.


5.3 Your order can be shipped within 48 hours of work.
The actual delivery date and time depends on different factors such as the delivery address, the arrangement of the person's hand, and the weather impact, and shall prevail the information shown in the payment email. Savefever will try its best to arrange the best and fastest delivery date and time, and retain the final decision.


5.4 We may deliver the goods once or multiple times, and some products may be delivered directly by the supplier. Any time and date for sending goods, or the time required for delivery is only estimated. If we failed to meet any of the expiration or delivery date or time, we will notify the progress of your order. In any case, you will not accept the cancellation of orders or refund it.


5.5 When the goods purchased have been delivered, your will become the owner of the product. When the goods have been delivered, you will bear the risk of holding the goods on our own without being responsible for their losses or damage.


We keep all rights and adjust the amount of free shipping orders at any time and from time to time.


6. Return or replace


6.1 Except for other regulations, no return or replacement of goods. Please read the policy of return or replacement by the supplier before ordering.


6.2 According to the policy of returning or replacement of individual suppliers, if the goods ordered by your ordered products are faulty, defects or damage (not the miss of your own), or the product is not ordered by you, or the number of delivery is incorrect, which can 7 (7) return or replacement within the sky, but need:




6.2.2 The commodity is not used and in the original sale. Together with all parts and accessories provided by the goods, including instructions, certificates, labels, marks, consumables, bags and boxes;


6.2.3 The packaging of the product must be in the state when it is delivered to you; and


6.2.4 The requirements for returns or replacement are sent to our customer service representatives through the instant chat room and during the designated period of the supplier, the goods are returned to the supplier through our free collection address.


6.3 Excellency agreeing and accepting, the refunded product is only conforming to the form of a refund of Savefever Dollar (refund), which is attached to the date to use for your next shopping. No cash refund will be provided. If there is any promotional discount for the total purchase amount when purchasing, the SaveFever Dollar paid by the refund to buy the product will be refunded. If you have used Savefever Dollar when buying, the cumulative Savefever Dollar (refund) will be deducted from your user account. Agreement and acceptance, when your user account is over, all Savefever Dollar (refund) will be canceled.


6.4 Your consent and acceptance, whether to accept product replacement must depend on inventory supply.


6.5 Exceedment agreed and accepted whether it was fully decided if it was accepted or replaced by the supplier of the supplier of the commodity. In any circumstances, we will not accept it directly to us, or be responsible for the damage caused by any reasons.


7. Disclaimer and liability restrictions


7.1 We do not declare or guarantee that entering our website (including mobile apps or software) or any part of its part will not be blocked, reliable or not faulty.


7.2 We do not declare or guarantee our website or any content to be accurate, complete or reliable.


7.3 We do not declare or guarantee:


7.3.1 Any service (whether it is provided by us) will be provided with appropriate caution and skills; or


7.3.2 Any goods (whether it is provided by us) will have the quality of commercial sales or it will be suitable for any purpose (although we have notified us in advance).


7.4 You agree that data transmission on the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. Although we are committed to protecting the information, we do not guarantee and cannot ensure the security of the data transmitted to us. You must bear the risks by yourself to transmit any information to us.


7.5 Under the scope of the legal permission, we exclude all the responsibilities of you due to the following reasons (regardless of contract, infringement or other forms and whether or not it is due to our negligence):


7.5.1 For our website (including the use of applications or software) or any information or any related technical, facts, texts, or printing inaccurate, errors, or omissions on printing;


7.5.2 Failure to provide our website (or any of its parts), goods or services;


7.5.3 Any delay, or fail to provide or make it available for goods or services, or any negligence of goods or services;


7.5.4 No product has the quality of commercial sales or suitable for its expected use; or


7.5.5 Anyone statement about our website, commodity or service.


7.6 Except the laws and regulations:


7.6.1 We will not be responsible for any indirect or corresponding losses, damage or expenses, including the profit, business or goodwill caused by any of your problems, and the loss of our problems, and


7.6.2 We will have no responsibility to pay any money to your time in compensation, unless these terms and rules are stated otherwise.


7.7 Excellers must comply and comply with all applicable regulations and laws, including obtaining customs, imports or other licenses required to purchase goods from our website. We do not make any statements or bear any responsibility for the export or import of goods purchased.


7.8 Your Agreement is reasonable for these restrictions to the nature of our website, especially because when you buy goods through our website, you will establish an independent contract with the supplier.


7.9 Elouts above will not affect any legal rights that cannot be excluded. However, under this circumstance, our responsibility (under legal permission) will be limited to providing services or products from you.


7.10 Elimination or restrictions above the independence and segments in these terms and rules should be explained.


8. content


8.1 The intellectual rights rights of all content are owned, controlled or obtained by our own. Except for the rights obtained by Article 8.2, these terms and rules do not give any rights or rights that give you any content, and we also retain all other rights.

8.2 Due to these terms and rules, you can use the content for personal use for your own.

8.3 Unless you have obtained our clear written consent or you are authorized by law, you must not:

8.3.1 Use content for any commercial or other non -personal use;

8.3.2 Copy content or send content to any other device or any other person; or

8.3.3 Reprint, distribute, convey, revise, resended formats, compile derivatives or display content.

8.4 Excellency confirmed and agreed. If you violate any terms of this article, we can not provide any content to your you.

8.5 We will take all reasonable business efforts to ensure the accuracy of the content, but the accuracy, quality or integrity of the content of the content (explicit or implied, legal or other forms) is not guaranteed (explicit or implies, legal or other forms). It will not bear any responsibility. You also agreed that advertisers assume all responsibilities on the content of the advertisement shown on our website. Putting related advertisements does not constitute products we recommend or recognize advertisers, and all advertisers must be fully responsible for any statement made in its advertisements. We will not bear any responsibility for the loss caused by the accuracy of the information contained in our website.


9. Users generate content

9.1 When you submit any user to the content of any user on our website (including all text, files, images, photos, sounds, videos, or other materials) ("user content"), you will give us permanent, irrevocable, non -exclusive exclusive exclusive, non -exclusive exclusive exclusive , Global, Transfer, Repeatable, Payment, and Duty -free franchise, to reprint, distribute, convey, publicly perform, publicize, establish derivative works, display, and use other methods of using related websites (including the content of the website (including the content of the website (including the content of the website (including the content of the relevant website (including the content of However, it is not limited to part or all of the website promotion and forwarding the website through any media form). In the case of no restriction, the rights granted to us according to Article 9.1 of this include the right to use the user's right to grant re -STM users in the case of the website function from time to time. You would like to give up all the spiritual rights of all other original people who abandoned and promoted the content of the user content (including the right to identify the original person who identifies the content of the user or the right to oppose any user content), regardless of the relevant rights currently or in Whether it exists anywhere in the world in the future.

9.2 Power, guarantee, and Kino:

9.2.1 Excellers have the legal rights and powers that can be awarded Article 9.1 above;

9.2.2 The owners and / or all of the owners of the user content have all the necessary rights, consent, permission, and franchise that can be granted to us in Article 9.1 above;

9.2.3 Through the franchise of Article 9.1 above, we will not violate any third -party intellectual property or other rights;

9.2.4 If the user content recognizes any individual person (regardless of name, picture, or other methods), you have obtained all the consent and allowance of such people, so that we can use the contents of the concession of Article 9.1 above;

9.2.5 The content of the user does not include any illegal, slander, obscenity, resentment, and harm to anyone, aimed at harassing anyone or not suitable for materials displayed on the website; and and not suitable for displaying on the website; and

9.2.6 At our request, you will provide us with any consent, allowance, and concession's written copy we have to obtain.



You agree to cause any claims, losses, damage, expenses, expenses (including legal expenditures) or other responsibilities of any of us and all of our directors, employees and contractors in violation of any Kano, guarantee, statement and agreement in this article. And all of our directors, employees and contractors make compensation and make us from damage.

11. Connect the website

Several links (including super connections) in our website will lead your website to leave our website. The connection is only facilitated, including any connection does not mean we support or recognize the connection website, its operator or its content. We are not responsible for the content of any website other than our website.

12. Termination

12.1 If you violate any provisions and rules, we may immediately terminate your website or register.

12.2 Any rights that any party has generated on the end of the termination date can still be enforced after the termination.

13. Intellectual property rights

13.1 The intellectual property rights of all content, user content, design, text, images and other materials on our website, and its selection or arrangement shall be owned, controlled, or obtained. It is strictly forbidden for any authorized use without previous approval.

13.2 All trademarks, product names and company names or signs on our website are our property or their own property. We have not approved any of these trademarks, appearance, product names, company names, signs, or titles, and this use may constitute the right to infringe the holder.

14. General matters

14.1 If the statement and guarantee in these terms and guarantees are made to us and product suppliers through our website, you can confirm and agree with the relevant statement and guarantee to give all relevant suppliers rights and all relevant suppliers to all relevant suppliers. The interests are made, and the relevant suppliers can depend on and enforce the relevant statements and guarantees made by Excellence.

14.2 We retain the right to modify the content of the website (including the services we provided) and these terms and rules without notice at any time. If these terms and rules have been changed, it will be announced on the website, and after any relevant changes, we will continue to use our website to indicate that the terms and rules of the use of the use of the revised use are restricted. This right includes the right to change any of these clauses and rules.

14.3 We have made all efforts to clarify whether the quotation of the goods provided on our website includes any related taxes or tariffs. If the quotation is not clear at any circumstances, please pay attention to pay attention to the tax or tariff liability (such as VAT) imposed by suppliers or laws except the price or law.

14.4 We attach great importance to privacy issues. Our privacy policy covers any information we use. Using our service means that you agree that we can collect, store and use information about your privacy policy. You confirm and agree to be subject to our privacy policy clauses.

14.5 We retain our rights to refuse users to enter our website or any part of them as appropriate without notifications, and refuse to provide our services to any users who violate these terms and rules.

14.6 We will not be responsible for any violations of these terms and rules that violate these uses, and will not be able to assume any incidents or situations that have been provided or delayed through any incident or situation that exceeds the scope of our reasonable control. responsibility.

14.7 If the courts of any art instrumental jurisdiction of these terms and rules are deemed to be invalid or inaccessible, it will not affect the effectiveness or effectiveness of any other provisions. Detailed division.

14.8 We can transfer these clauses and rules or appoint any third party, including the group company to provide services to you, or fulfill our responsibilities contained in these terms and rules.

14.9 If without our written consent, you must not transfer or handle all or part of your rights and obligations stipulated in these terms and rules in other ways.

14.10 These terms and rules include the complete agreements and understanding of all parties, and replace the previous verbal or written agreements, understanding or arrangements of all the subjects and rules. No party has no agreement, forgiveness or arrangements that rely on these terms and rules.

14.11 These terms and rules are under the jurisdiction of Hong Kong's effectiveness. You agree to be under the jurisdiction of proprietary jurisdiction of the Hong Kong court.


Promotion code, discount code and coupon terms and rules


1. The promotion code, discount code and coupons we provide are only applicable to one -time shopping through our website, and are subject to terms and rules.

2. Promotion code, discount code and coupons neither refund or cash can be exchanged. Any unused amount will be abolished.

3. If your order is canceled or qualified to get a refund for any reason, the promotion code, discount code or coupon used in the order will be invalidated


We retain all rights, and we can terminate or change the above discounts at any time and from time to time without notifying. If there are any disputes, our decision will be final and decisive.


These terms and rules constitute a general terms and rules.


This Chinese clause is the English version of the translation. If there are any resistance or inconsistencies in the two versions of Chinese and English, the English version shall prevail.