iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)

iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)
iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)
iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)
iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)
iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)
iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)
iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)
iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)
iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)
iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)

iNO Rhythm Machine (Pre-order)

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iNO Rhythm Machine with iNO Astronaut Rhythm Motivation, you can stand still and achieve the effect of whole body exercise from the outside to the inside, allowing you to easily enjoy your health.

The main reason for degeneration is "unable to exercise"Essence Thirty years ago, the astronauts lost their gravity and could not exercise in the outer space. After 30 years, we were busy and did not have time to exercise, and they were facing the same health problems.

The whole body vertical rhythm"It is a kind ofSystemic stimulus, Like the principle of skipping rope, through gravity, gravity,1 minute vertical exercise 600 timesThe exercise efficiency surpasses the skipping rope 60 times per minute, and achieves the effect of systemic movement from the outside to the inside. It is a natural and safe way.

Simple, safe passive exerciseIt is an indispensable demand for the new century. Low risk, high remuneration. iNO solve the time and space costs of daily exercise, and make up for the benefits that general movements cannot reach.

  • Low impact, cardiopulmonary burden, joint muscle harmless
  • Make a one -day activity in the limited time and space in the space
  • Simple, safe passive exercise
  • Taking care of all parts at a time
  • 32 metal transmission bearing
  • Fixed direction, fixed frequency, fixed intensity
  • In line with the specifications of the Hong Kong Electromechanical Engineering Office
"Product Specification"
Product size: 47.5 x 42 x 14.5 cm

"Product Weight" 14.7 kg

"Place of Production: China"

Maintenance period: two-year maintenance, original licensed goods

The whole body is verticalExercise efficiency is very good, Allow you to relax and stretch in a limited time and space,
BetterMake up the benefits that the general movement cannot reachEssence Exercise regularly every day is an important key!
The rhythm cannot change your appearance, nor can it make the muscles strong,The rhythm is to make your status and the status of you 20 years later
We all know to exercise, but there is no good way to exercise to respond to the dilemma of this era.
Traditional sports equipment such as treadmills and flight turbines have certain restrictions in use.
Causes family space narrow and no time to exercise.

Unprecedented high -frequency vibration and irregular directions can cause dizziness, headache, and vomiting, and may even cause severe physical damage.

The INO R & D team dismantled all the motivations of the market and over 600 repeated assembly.
Make the ball on the same single point on the machine stabilized vertical beatingIt is the effect of truly effective and safe vertical rhythm.

This ball has jumped 48 hours and hasn't fallen! (Really stable)

✓ Control the intensity

Power is determined by two factors: one is the size of the vibration (amplitude), and the other is the number of vibrations (frequency),
The motivation of INO Astronomical Law is the same -nature product on the market.The magnitude of the earthquake is the most comfortable and perfectly achieved with the human body
Harmony constant frequency
It's not that you are moving, it's called vertical rhythm!

Not suitable for people to use:

Children under the age of six, pregnant women, newborn mothers during the moon, people with bones or spine fractures,
People with epilepsy, acute inflammation and fever, patients after surgery, have received organ transplants,
Packets or other medical equipment people suffer from hernia people.

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