Earth Harvest Superfoods Organic Tremella (Snow Ear) 70g

Earth Harvest Superfoods Organic Tremella (Snow Ear) 70g

Earth Harvest Superfoods Organic Tremella (Snow Ear) 70g

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Why is it so important for life/wild (raw) food?

Because they are all foods made of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, chemical additives, anticorrosive treatment and high temperature manufacturing.
If they enter the human body, they may not be easily eliminated, increase liver load, and make the blood (pH) sour, produce sub -health.

Nutritional value:

Organic biological Tremella (snow ear) is flat, sweet, light, and non -toxic. It has the effects of strong essence, kidney, intestines, stomach, qi, blood, blood, strong heart, strong body, brain, refreshing, beauty, beauty, skin rejuvenation, and prolonging life. ForTreatment of lung heat cough, dry cough, irregular menstruation of women, gastritis, and constipationWaiting for the disease.It has the "crown in bacteria" and "civilian bird's nest". It is used in ancient times to modern times as nourishing supplements.

Edible method :

After soaking in cold water, remove the yellow hard buttons and tear it into a small piece to make the soup tender and refreshing. With lily, lotus seeds, wolfberry, red dates and rock sugar as sugar water, the taste is moist and sweet, and the taste is better. Tremella can also be used for health dishes for cooling companions, stir -fried fried fried, soup and other methods.

Earth Harvest Superfoods Series is exquisitely packaged. The series includes:

(1) Natural enzyme series (black mulberry, citrus lemon, pineapple papaya, Nory fruit)

(2) Organic life dry fruits and coarse grains (almonds, peach, pistachios, cashews, pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, Brazilian nuts, little cranberries, dried mango, dried pineapple, coconut slices, three -color quinoa, three -color quinoa , Xiaomi, Amaranth, Chia seeds (Qiqi seeds), linen seeds, buckwheat, brown rice, oats, black beans, red beans, mung beans, soybeans, etc.)

(3) Organic vitality Qi Zizi (vitality is, top black cripples)

(4) Organic biological edible fungus series (shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, white fungus/snow fungus, beef liver bacteria, tea tree mushrooms, Hericium mushrooms ...)

It must be the New Year, Christmas and Great Day, or the company's gift of gifts !!

Introduction: Earth Harvest Superfoods Organic Tremella (Snow) / Raw & Organic Tremella Fuciformis
Raw material: China
Capacity/weight: 70g

About Earth Harvest Superfoods:

Earth Harvest Superfoods

Earth Harvest Superfoods 

ALL of OUR PRODUCT Series are free from addictives & Chemicals, With Fabulous Original Taste and Enriched with Anti-Oxidants and Vitamins, Should Be YourThiers.

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