Angel Air Micro Bubble Shower - Pure

Angel Air Micro Bubble Shower - Pure
Angel Air Micro Bubble Shower - Pure
Angel Air Micro Bubble Shower - Pure
Angel Air Micro Bubble Shower - Pure
Angel Air Micro Bubble Shower - Pure
Angel Air Micro Bubble Shower - Pure

Angel Air Micro Bubble Shower - Pure

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With a built-in water purification cartridge, the AngelAir Pure removes chlorine—which damages your hair and skin—from your shower water. This showerhead produces a gentle spray, ideal for those concerned about dry hair, babies with sensitive skin, and people with dermatitis.

Good to you !
  • if you suffer from dry hair, dandruff, and itchiness
  • if you have sensitive skin or suffer from skin irritation

Includes a chlorine-removing water purification cartridge

AngelAir Pure’s built-in water purification cartridge removes residual chlorine from tap water, providing a chlorine-free shower along with highly concentrated microbubbles.

A gentle shower for sensitive and atopic skin

Chlorine breaks down and oxidizes skin proteins, reducing the skin’s moisture retention and barrier capabilities. AngelAir Pure removes chlorine and creates a gentle shower for people with sensitive skin or those suffering from various skin conditions.

Protects hair cuticles from chlorine and reduces dryness

Chlorinated water breaks down and oxidizes hair cuticles (proteins), making them dry. By removing chlorine, AngelAir Pure keeps your hair healthy.

What is microbubble ?

A microbubble is about half the size of a pore. Although some showers disperse a mist of even finer bubbles, such as nanobubbles, our engineers focused on the core function of a shower: cleansing power. Our solution: a microbubble with a diameter of 0.035 mm. Microbubbles are essential to creating the sensationally comfortable showers that AngelAir is known for.

With a greater volume and surface area than nanobubbles, microbubbles absorb dirt and remove it from your skin

Microbubbles are negatively charged, which enables them to attract positively charged dirt, makeup foundation, and other skin contaminants embedded in your skin and lodged in your pores. Once microbubbles attach to dirt, grime, and oil, together, they float to the outer layers of your skin, where they can be easily washed away.

Adsorption power
A bubble’s absorption power is proportional to its surface area. Compared to nanobubbles, microbubbles have a larger surface area, which enables them to absorb more dirt.

Floating force
A bubble’s buoyancy is proportional to its volume. Microbubbles, which are larger than nanobubbles, have greater volume, enabling them to float away with more dirt in tow.

Our proprietary Ejector System consistently generates plenty of microbubbles in any environment

The amount of bubbles in a shower stream varies depending on the season and environmental conditions—the hot water supply system and the amount of air in the water, for example. However, thanks to exclusive technology, AngelAir showerheads consistently generate large quantities of microbubbles in any environment by infusing shower water with outside air. This is our Ejector Method.

The cavitation method, another microbubble-generation method used by other companies, creates bubbles by expanding air that already exists in shower water. This method is inconsistent, as its ability to generate microbubbles depends on various environmental conditions. For example, the amount of air in the water may be low during the summer.

Place of origin

Made in Japan

Size:L27 cm x φ11 cm x 7.2cm
Net weight:220g
Material :Tube/ABS、Chrome ring
Color : Chrome
* with 3 conductor

Professional Filters
* Suggest to change every 2 months
* Buy extra (3pcs per pack)


About Angel Air

AngelAir showerheads were created to protect the environment by using technology we developed as a waterworks equipment manufacturer

Toshin Corporation is a group of experts in water and processing technology that designs and develops water meter components for general household use. We sell up to 1.2 million units (including additional components) annually. As a waterworks equipment manufacturer, we have always been environmentally conscious through water analysis, preserving water sources, and using hot water more efficiently (reducing CO2 by way of boilers).

Eventually, we considered the possibility of creating a showerhead that would protect the global environment by controlling the amount of air and hot water through our proprietary “bubble technology” (technology that infuses water with air). This was the birth of AngelAir.

Based in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, we are surrounded by beautiful mountains and are blessed with abundant water. We are working hard to improve the quality of our showerheads while respecting this wealth of nature.

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