Three generations of Mujiawu Xuanbingwei │ Hokkaido Fenglian "White Bird" Japanese glutinous rice 1kg

Three generations of Mujiawu Xuanbingwei │ Hokkaido Fenglian "White Bird" Japanese glutinous rice 1kg

Three generations of Mujiawu Xuanbingwei │ Hokkaido Fenglian "White Bird" Japanese glutinous rice 1kg

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** In order to keep fresh, order is "fine"(Vacuum packaging) Defined by Hong Kong Jingmi InstituteIt takes 7-10 working days to ship within the work day

White Bird (はくちょう)

White birds come from Hokkaido, which produces glutinous rice first, and has a full degree. Compared with glutinous rice, the color is particularly white, making the rice more shiny. It is very suitable for all kinds of desserts. It can also be used as Chinese glutinous rice rice, or mixed with other rice species. The cooked rice will have a tough taste, and the rice grains will be more beautiful.

Feng Lian's place is rich in glutinous rice. The local Japanese like to make big blessing desserts. It is conceivable that it is very famous.

grade: Special A




Each package capacity: 1kg

Origin: Japan

~ Special local fine rice treatment ~

  • Advanced Japanese rice is all level A, which is definitely a guarantee of quality.
    • The longest "best consumption period -6 months".
    • That is, the order is "fine": the supplier "fine rice" in Hong Kong Jingmi after receiving the order, and packaged the rice in a vacuum, 1 pack per kilogram, and sent the guests in the best state.
    • The "best edible period" calculation method of Japan's rice: 2 months after "fine rice", plus 4 months after vacuum preservation.
    • Japanese rice generally supplied to the market is to be sold after "fine rice", and it may not be packaged in vacuum. Therefore, the "best consumption period" is generally only one month.


Japanese rice cooking rice

  1. The amount of rice required with the correct amount of rice cups is used, and the definition of each cup is based on the measurement of a flat cup.
  2. Start washing rice, add rice down container, add water, put the hand into the shape of the mixer, and gently stir the rice grains without rubbing the rice grains without force.
  3. After washing the rice, you need to change the water and then wash it. Wash the rice water for about 2-3 times. The rice grains itself contains starch, so after washing rice 2-3 times, it is normal to have a little turbidity of rice water. If the rice water is washing is too clear, it is washed off the nutrition of the rice grains.
  4. To add water used to cook rice, it is recommended to cook the amount of water in the rice is 1 square meter of rice: use 1 square meter of water, you can also refer to the water volume standard used by the rice cooker. You must soak the rice for 20-30 minutes. Essence
  5. After the rice cooker is good, open the lid after about 10 minutes, and then divide the rice with a cross -shaped shape with the rice spoon, and then gently roll the rice grains to evaporate the excess water, so that the softness of the rice grains is moderate and moderate. The taste is better, and then you can eat it.

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