Suphia's Sesame Ice Cream Cake Keto Diabetes (Pre-order) Collect Freight


Suphia's Sesame Ice Cream Cake Keto Diabetes (Pre-order) Collect Freight

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  • Low Carb│Vegan│Organic│Keto│Diabetes Friendly
  • Free delivery in Hong Kong upon net purchase HK$300
  • Welcome gift for the first purchase (random gift)
  • Self pick-up at Kwai Chung with no minimum spending requirement
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※※ In order to keep fresh, it is necessary to pre-order 4 days.
The cake work-shop is directly shipped by GOGO VAN, and the freight will be collected by customer **

** Freight costs about $ 100- $ 300 depending on the region ~~ You may query with CS before place order.

What's special about our cake?

Our cakes are Raw Cakes instead of sponge cakes. Size look smaller than usual sponge cake and texture like ice cream melt in your mouth.  The ingredients we use are all superfoods which to nourish your body and mind, give your body nutrients that great for your brain、 skin and energy.

For people with diabetes/ketosis/eczema/autism/hyperactivity disorder/inflammation/sub-healthy constitution/obesity/emotional instability/tired easily/weak resistance/food sensitive people can eat cakes.

Our cake with monk fruit, stevia, erythritol instead of sugar.
Suitable for everyone who cares about Blood glucose level

  • Raw (no bake)
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan (no dairy, no eggs)
  • Low Carbs/KETO/Diabetes Friendly
  • Bottom: Almond, organic coconut, stevia, Erythritol, Flaxseeds, Sea Salt.
  • Middle:Coconut Cream, organic Coconut Oils, Black Sesame,stevia , Vanilla, Erythritol, Sea Salt.
  • Top: cashew , Coconut Cream,stevia , Erythritol, Sea Salt.Vanilla, Black Sesame.
** photo for reference only. Each cake will decorate with heart, but a bit different,  it will  depends on our chef’s idea of the day **

1/2 pound
1 pound (5-8ppl)
2 pounds (12ppl)


Keep for a month when freezer (under 0°C degree) or 4 days for refrigerator, please put into room temperature for 10 minute before enjoy it.

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