Order Reservation Notice

Customer Reservation Notice
  1. Pre-order must be take at least 3-4 days in advance. (Refer to product page)
  2. In order to maintain the quality of the food, the food is delivered directly by courier from the cake workshop, or self-pick up at "pick up point" (Different cake shop will be different pick up point)
    Customers can choose to deliver from Monday to Saturday (10:00 am – 6:00 pm), please check with customer service to confirm.
  3. Tailor made cake design service is available,  welcome to contact us for any enquiry by Whatsapp +852 53161289.
  4. Cake of Sweet Secrets with free "Happy Birthday" tag and free message writing.
  5. Cake of Suphia, with a wooden "Happy Birthday" tag, extra $20 for message writing.
  6. Cake of Lowcarbs without any tag.
  7. To ensure the quality of the food, customers are advised to store the cake at room temperature at 25° for no more than 1 hour, or store it in the refrigerator immediately.
  8. Customers are advised to hold the bottom of the cake with both hands to avoid excessive shaking and damage to the cake.
  9. Due to factors such as shooting light or personal computer display, there may be color difference, and the cake and photos may be slightly different. All pictures and product colors on the website are for reference only.
  10. All cakes are handmade, if the quality of the cake or its description is seriously inconsistent, otherwise no replacement/refund arrangements will be made.
  11. If any fruits and decorations on the product may be subject to slight changes or changes due to seasons and supply without prior notice.
  12. After the customer completes the order procedure, it means that he accepts all the terms and conditions in this "Notice".
Order Remarks/ Change 
  1. If customers have special requirements (such as allergies to certain foods), please pay attenion of the ingredients of product page mentioned.
  2. When checking out, please clearly list the delivery date, time and address in the "Add Remarks" column in the lower right corner of the web page. Our customer service will contact you within 24 hours during office hours for confirmation.
  3. Our store accepts customers to modify the delivery address, contact number, email address and other information before 2:00pm of a working day before delivery.
  4. If the customer fails to receive the cake on the specified date and time, it will not be delivered separately, and the order will be deemed to be canceled automatically, and the paid amount will not be refunded.
  5. Customers must fill in the correct receipt date, delivery time, delivery address, contact number, email address and other information. The store will not be liable for any losses caused by your failure to provide correct information.
  6. Once all orders are paid and confirmed by customer service, they cannot be canceled or refunded.
  7. iHYGGE.hk reserves the right to amend the relevant terms and conditions. In case of any dispute, iHYGGE reserves the right of final decision.
Special arrangements affected by bad weather/epidemic
  1. In the case of epidemic situation, tropical cyclone warning No. 3, yellow and red rainstorm warning, the delivery service will be changed depending on the situation. For details, please check with customer service on Whatsapp.
  2. In case of black rainstorm warning or tropical cyclone warning No. 8 or above, the delivery service will be suspended. Customers can reschedule to arrange delivery one day after the original scheduled date. For details, please check with customer service through Whatsapp.