Shuppa - Pet Product Cleanser 320ml

Shuppa - Pet Product Cleanser 320ml
Shuppa - Pet Product Cleanser 320ml

Shuppa - Pet Product Cleanser 320ml

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It can remove the odor that is difficult to eliminate on pet dogs, cats and other pets, prevent or resolve the tangles of hair tangled due to static electricity, and have a clean sterilization effect on pet skin, hair and claw bottom dirt, keeping pets refreshing, pleasant and smooth, nourish pets, nourish pets The environment is comfortable and clean.


The pH value of the virus will change with the acid and alkali value of the external environment. Among them, the environment of strong acid or strong alkali has the effect of destroying the virus. But this is the environmental disinfection, and the human body cannot become a strong acid or strong alkali environment to destroy the virus.

ShuppaSpecial sterilization, anti -virus, and removing formaldehyde in one step, let you feel at ease!

ShuppaSpecifies non -chemical cleaning water does not contain any chemical components, no irritation, and more safer anti -virus!

andShuppaNon -chemical cleaning waterPHValue13 Studies have shown that in a dry environment, the new type of coronary virus survives 48 Hour. in the air 2 In hours, its activity decreased significantly. However, it can survive on the surface of smooth objects. If the temperature and humidity are appropriate, it can survive for several days.

Spray washed from 10- to 20 cm from pets. The hair care of the limbs can be normal or after bathing, and the effect of combing is better. No need to wipe the water twice. 

Three composite effects that transcended chemical cleaning products:

[1] ShUPPA non -chemical cleaning solution is rich in negative ions. The dirt after negative ions will be separated from the attachment and floats to the surface.

[2] ShUPPA non -chemical cleaning solution has a super small molecular group that is different from ordinary water, and the surface of the dirt group is super strong.

[3] ShUPPA non -chemical cleaning solution can cause soaping, creating a natural interface active agent, thereby effectively decomposing and removing dirt.

Publish authoritative scientific inspection and practice verification, and at the same time have multiple effects

The test results carried out by the Japanese Food Analysis Center (JFRL) showing the one -minute kill rate of bacteria such as E. coli, Greenworm, Salmonella and other bacteria by more than 99.9%.


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