MANUKA DOCTOR Manuka Honey UMF6+ (MGO110+) 250g

MANUKA DOCTOR Manuka Honey UMF6+ (MGO110+) 250g
MANUKA DOCTOR Manuka Honey UMF6+ (MGO110+) 250g
MANUKA DOCTOR Manuka Honey UMF6+ (MGO110+) 250g
MANUKA DOCTOR Manuka Honey UMF6+ (MGO110+) 250g
MANUKA DOCTOR Manuka Honey UMF6+ (MGO110+) 250g

MANUKA DOCTOR Manuka Honey UMF6+ (MGO110+) 250g

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MANUKA DOCTOR Manuka Honey UMF6+ (MGO110+)
What is MGO? MGO is a very widely used standard. The amount of natural material methalglyoxal is used to reflect the antibacterial strength of the wheat rectica honey.

Manuka Doctor originated in the clean green mountains in New Zealand in 1909. Honey fields and Meluka forests. 100% pure New Zealand products have been certified by the government. The product is tested by the MGO (Acetetetetal) to confirm antibacterial activity. Best selling New Zealand, US and British major locks of health foods and pharmacies.

Manuka honey can cure symptoms caused by bacteria and viruses, improve immunity, and create a strong body that can fight many bacteria. Especially cough, after eating, it will be effective immediately through the throat symptoms. Manuka honey also has a antibacterial ingredients such as "Turkey Temple" (MGO), which is generally not available in honey. This antibacterial ingredient is 8 times that of ordinary honey, which can be targeted at the intestinal E. coli and Helicobacter pylori.

Manuka honey in New Zealand.

New Zealand government certification, New Zealand collected and entered the bottle.

100% positive goods, directly imported Hong Kong from New Zealand brand manufacturers

100% positive goods, imported from New Zealand brand manufacturers directly in Hong Kong

The independent brand of the second largest honey factory in Zealand. Unlike most New Zealand Muka honey brands, the brand is not established by merchants, but was founded by a group of Meluka honey farmers in New Zealand to ensure that the honey was directly collected by nature and was refined into Manuka Doctor honey products. All products are produced at 100%of New Zealand and have been inspected and certified products in New Zealand's certification agencies. The products are mainly sold in New Zealand pharmacies, and the brand's main force develops the European and American markets.

At present, Hong Kong's common Manuka honey brand -Comvita (Kangvita) -The largest honey brand in New Zealand is available in major shopping malls/subway stations/supermarkets in Hong Kong. The price is similar to our products. The main customers like big brands or boutique brands. The Kangwei product uses a UMF mechanism to display honey antibacterial and antibacterial activity factor, while Manuka Doctor uses the MGO mechanism.

In the market, the Muluka honey level is marked with numbers. MGO and UMF are mainly used. Both are testing the activity of antibacterial force. UMF: UMF represents UNIQUE Manuka Factor. It is a standard developed by the New Zealand Active Manuka Honey Association. It mainly measures the MGO and DHA content. The higher the more the antibacterial activity, the better MGO: MGO is developed by Professor Thomas Henle, authoritatively in the German food science community. It is the most intuitive rating method. It mainly determines the value of Methylglyoxal (MGO). For example, MGO 550+ represents a MGO of more than 550 mg among honey per kilogram of honey. The higher the value, the better the antibacterial activity.

Suitable for over 4 years old 
Daily drink is preferrable
※ Do not drink for those who are allergic to honey products

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