SeiShin Shippon Animal Style Cup Fate Series

SeiShin Shippon Animal Style Cup Fate Series
SeiShin Shippon Animal Style Cup Fate Series
SeiShin Shippon Animal Style Cup Fate Series
SeiShin Shippon Animal Style Cup Fate Series

SeiShin Shippon Animal Style Cup Fate Series

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SeiShin Shippon! The cup fate animal tail series, puppy hooks love planting lucky grass, cats love little strawberry, little monkey love Raul, the smooth ceramic surface is warm and warm, hanging on the beautiful glass, it is particularly pleasing to the eye. On the table, you will feel good every day!

Famous small potted plant [Seishin] Japanese entrance
The packaging is mud, seeds and planting pots. Earth and seeds are Japanese varieties.

〔 Product specifications 〕
Plants: Lucky Grass-Puppy / Little Strawberry-Kitter / Laler-Monkey
Size: about 8 (w) x 15 (h) x 6.4 (d) (cm)
Material: Ceramic
Uses: plant planting
Place of Origin: Japan / Handmade Manufacturing

Planting guidelines:

  1. Because the product uses compressed soil, it is necessary to soak it with hot boiling water. It can be used after the soil is swollen and cooled.
  2. Put the tied bundle of the soil upwards into the back of the animal ceramics and put it in the seeds.Put the seeds evenly on the surface of the flower pot and cover the seeds with thin soil.
  3. You can put 4-5 seeds so that you can start absorbing water by itself.

‧ Before the seed planting, please soak 24Hour
‧ Keep the soil surface moist, germinate under the bright shadow without sunlight
After germination, move to a place with good ventilation
If you grow to a certain degree, you can re -plant it into a larger flowerpot, so as to grow into a larger plant

Small strawberry
Suitable germination temperature: about 20
Suitable cultivation temperature: 15-20

Suitable germination temperature: 20-25
Suitable cultivation temperature: 20-25

Five -star planting germination time rating (five stars take the longest time):
Wild strawberry - four-star
Laul - One -star

〔 Precautions 〕
• Before germination of the seeds, place it in a cool place
• After germination of the seeds, the pot can be moved with ventilation and good sunshine
• According to the planting method or environmental differences, the speed and results of growth will be different

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SeiShin Shippon Animal Style Cup Fate Series
Sale Price $98.00 Regular Price $129.00
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