Scratch of Sweden Nail Food 10ml

Scratch of Sweden Nail Food 10ml

Scratch of Sweden Nail Food 10ml

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Scratch of Sweden Nail Food 10ml
NAIL FOOD ® is used on natural, artificial and varnished nails.
NAIL FOOD ® is a pure natural product which restores the nail's natural elasticity and elasticity. It gives a flexible nail that lasts stresses better than a hard nail that easily comes off far down the nail. The product is produced from cold-pressed sesame seeds, so-called virgin olive oil, myrrh and lavender. Sesame conditions nails and nail bath skin, myrrh and lavender are antiseptic and have an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect which also stimulates blood circulation.
NAIL FOOD ® is a small molecular oil which can easily penetrate the top of the skin epidermis layer and thus create a profound effect. The nail is ""thirsty"" and takes easily absorbed the oil. One drop, 2 - 3 times/day and you get a nail like: Recovers its proper balance and moisture. Recovers its strength and flexibility. Does not chip or crack. Grows faster. Forms an unfavorable (antiseptic) environment for bacteria and fungal attacks. Conditions irritated cuticle skin.
  • Nail conditioning oil that gives the nail strength and elasticity. 
  • Regains the nails flexibility. 
  • Treats and repairs all nail conditions; dry, soft, rock hard, fragile, and peeling. 
  • Conditions, smooth and soothe irritated cuticles.
  • AWARDED WINNER 2020 AND 2021.  the SKINCARE PROFESSIONALS AWARDS 2021 and Beauty Oscar 2020
Sesamum indicum seed oil, Commiphora myrrha gum oil, Lavandula angustifolia flower oil

Instructions For Use
Apply on nail and cuticle twice a day. Distribute to all fingernails by rubbing nail plates together. This way of Massaging the nail plates is what we call” Nail Work Out”. The Nail Food can also be buffed into the nail (oil buffing) using the nail shining buffer step 2 and 3. Nail Food Oil can be used on natural, artificial, or lacquered nails.
How to apply NAIL FOOD ®On clean nail surface - Spread a drop over all nails and cuticles by rubbing the nail plates against each other. Let the nails absorb the oil. Polish off any excess with polisher and the nail is now prepared and ready for painting. On painted nails or covered nails with art material - Feed the nail with NAIL FOOD ® under the free edge and in the cuticle skin. The natural nail absorbs the oil that penetrates and works in depth. Massage in by rubbing the nail plates against each other. 

Swedish Brand | Made in Sweden


Scratch Hand & Body and Nail Care are professional products for both salon treatment and for self -care. 
A 100 % Swedish brand with Lab and Production in Sweden. 
Friendly Formula – Free from allergens Cruelty Free & Vegan 
Eco Friendly

Brand Story 
Scratch of Sweden is a Swedish brand and family owned company with more than 35 years on the Swedish hand and nail market. The company was founded in 1985 by Marie Houston with focus on nail therapy and manicure training as well as the development of professional hand and nail care products. Today Scratch concept is to provide both professionals and consumers with performance-oriented Hand, Body and Nail care solutions. Our strong focus in product development is guided by the environment, sustainability and eco-friendly ingredients. Our products are manufactured at our factory in Halmstad, Sweden. Our customers will experience that our products with its richness are very cost effective.
Scratch products have an environmental friendly formula and are cruelty free as well as being vegan, organic, ecological and with a sustainable development. Scratch do not use, parabens, phtalates, formaldehyde, toluene, or camphor in any of our product formulations. Scratch products and formulation are made in Sweden and are optimized to be of highest quality and best performance. Scratch is 100% Swedish Natural Hand, Body & Nail Care Premium Brand used by Professionals.

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