Life Space Probiotic for 60+ Years 60 capsules

Life Space Probiotic for 60+ Years  60 capsules
Life Space Probiotic for 60+ Years  60 capsules
Life Space Probiotic for 60+ Years  60 capsules
Life Space Probiotic for 60+ Years  60 capsules

Life Space Probiotic for 60+ Years 60 capsules

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Lifespace-Probiotic for 60+ years is a premium probiotic containing 15 strains of beneficial bacteria, formulated to support a healthy microbiome and general wellbeing. Contains high levels of Bifidobacteria which may decline naturally in people over the age of 60 years and helps prevent infections by occupying the digestive tract and keeping more harmful microorganisms from thriving in the same space. Probiotics encourage the gastrointestinal microbiota in maintaining a healthy overall well-being.

 Based on scientific evidence, health benefits may include:

  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Supporting digestive health
  • Supporting normal, healthy bowel movements
  • Assist in maintaining health digestive flora following the use of antibiotics
  • Supporting a healthy microbiome

Life-Space Probiotic For 60+ Years which is formulated based on scientific evidence and contains 15 strains of beneficial bacteria and 30 billion live bacteria per capsule.

High in Bifidobacteria, a beneficial bacteria that may decline naturally in people over the age of 60 years, Life-Space Probiotic For 60+ Years helps to support a healthy immune system and normal, healthy bowel movements for those over the age of 60 years.

The vegetarian friendly formula may help to restore beneficial bacteria that have been disrupted by antibiotics and has no added dairy, gluten, yeast, egg, artificial colours and flavours, fructose or preservatives.

Active Ingredients

Contains: Each vege-capsule contains: 30 billion CFU.
B. lactic BI-04. CFU: 12.0 Billion.
L. rhamnosus Lr-32: CFU: 6.0 Billion.
B. animalis ssp. lactis HN019: CFU: 2.0 Billion.
L. rhamnossus GG: CFU: 2.0 Billion.
L. paracasei Lpc-37: CFU: 1.7 Billion.
L. plantarum Lp-115: CFU: 1.7 Billion.
B. longum BB536: CFU: 1.0 Billion.
L. rhamnosus HN001: CFU: 1.0 Billion.
L. casei Lc-11: CFU: 680 Million.
S. thermophilus St-21: CFU: 680 Million.
B. breve Bb-03: CFU: 340 Million.
B. longum BI-05: CFU: 300 Million.
B. infantis Bi-26: CFU: 200 Million.
L. delbrueckii sssp. bulgaricus Lb-87: CFU: 200 Million.
L. reuteri 1E1: CFU: 200 Million.

L = Lactobacillus.
B. = Bifidobacterium.
S. = Streptococcus.
CFU = Colony Forming Unit.

Directions For Use

Adults take 1-2 vege-capsule daily with water or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Best Before 

Always read the label.
Use only as directed. 
If symptoms persist, see your healthcare practitioner.

About Lifespace

Life-Space is passionate about supporting the health and wellbeing of people in all stages of life by providing high quality, specialist probiotics. Manufactured in Australia, the probiotics are formulated based on scientific evidence and the range includes products for pregnancy and baby, all the way through to 60+ years of age. All Life-Space premium quality probiotics are guaranteed to contain billions of live beneficial bacteria and have eliminated the inconvenience of having to refrigerate your probiotics by utilising manufacturing processes and packaging that allows our probiotics to be kept at room temperature.

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