JcoNAT Naturally Existing Disnfectant 4L

JcoNAT Naturally Existing Disnfectant 4L

JcoNAT Naturally Existing Disnfectant 4L

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JcoNAT Naturally Existing Disnfectant, the active ingredient HOCl, has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses quickly, and decomposes into water after use. It is natural and harmless. It can be directly sprayed on baby toys, tableware, and hands to disinfect and sterilize before eating. At the same time, it is suitable for disinfection in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. The product does not contain alcohol, fragrance and preservatives, and is safe for infants and young children. It is also suitable for pet skin and oral disinfection. Sterilization and Disinfection – Effectively kills common bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores up to 99.999% Odor – Effectively decomposes formaldehyde VOCs and removes smoke, garbage, excrement, musty and other allergens – Effectively decomposes and reduces causes Allergen properties caused by pollen and dust mite excrement, alcohol-free and irritating ingredients, effectively relieve eczema, skin inflammation and sensitivity, hypochlorous acid concentration should be moderate, suitable for newborn babies

  • The main ingredient is HOCI (Hypochlorous acid)
    Natural ingredients: Approved by the US FDA and the Japanese
  • Ministry of Health and Welfare as a food-grade sterilizing solution
  • Strong bactericidal power: up to 80 times more effective than bleach
  • Safe and harmless: HOCI is widely used to disinfect medical equipment in operating rooms
  • Natural and environmentally friendly: The principle of sterilization is similar to that of the human immune system, and it is the most effective and non-irritating antibacterial formula after use.

Hypochlorous acid HOCI (Hypochlorous acid)

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Can be sprayed directly on the air or on the surface of objects without dilution or water; can be reused if necessary

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