HOLISTÆ Botanical Purifier 3 in 1 Sanitizer & Protector 100ml

HOLISTÆ Botanical Purifier 3 in 1 Sanitizer & Protector 100ml
HOLISTÆ Botanical Purifier 3 in 1 Sanitizer & Protector 100ml

HOLISTÆ Botanical Purifier 3 in 1 Sanitizer & Protector 100ml

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  • FDA Approval│Natural Essential Oils
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HOLISTÆ 3 in 1 (ANTIBACTERIAL / SANITIZER / FRESHENER) protect against contamination from viruses and bacteria by effectively combining powerful, natural and effective ingredients; mist into the air or apply directly onto the skin. The claimed benefits and virtues are aroma-therapeutic and para-pharmaceutical. This product is not intended as a substitute for medicine, nor does it claim to cure, but effectively protectsfrom contamination by air or contact against viruses, germs and bacteria.

“BOTANICAL PURIFIER POWER 3 in 1" to be identical with other disinfectants currently present on the market e.g. "Hand Sanitizer Kills 99.9% Of Germs”. The hand sanitizers currently on the market are bactericidal disinfectants containing petrochemical ingredients intended to eliminate only germs and bacteria. But without the nature-derived benefits, it does not kill viruses or fungi. 

“BOTANICAL PURIFIER POWER 3 in 1" has the same objective: to destroy germs and bacteria BUT with the addition of powerful natural ingredients (essential oils) which also fight against viruses and fungi and are scientifically recognized as ANTI VIRAL and ANTI FUNGAL ingredients. 

Skin Care - Aloe Vera + 100% natural Japan Yuzu essential oil feeling moisturized and soft . Water, resin, aloin Proteins: enzymes, polysaccharide Vitamins: B12, B1, B2, B5, B6, A and C Amino acids.
Alcohol degree (º)Vol 85. 
Non petrochemicals, Non parabens, Non hypoallergenic

3 convenient applications - FDA Approval
3 natural essential oils
  • TEA TREE --  Antiseptic solution; body, skin and hand disinfectant by spray application ;
  • RAVINTSARA ---Disinfects and protects through infiltration of clothing without leaving visible traces ;
  • OREGANO --- Sanitizer, deodorizer, air freshener by misting

Place of origin
Product from France
Made in Hong Kong

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