Sit Down Please !



韓國製造Upright Seat 矯正坐墊




It is believed that poor sitting posture leads to long-term pressure on the lumbar spine for most urban people, resulting in long-term back pain issues. Maintaining good sitting posture is important, and choosing a suitable spine-protecting seat cushion can greatly improve our quality of life by changing our sitting posture and protecting our spine.


Prevent back pain with good posture. Upright Seat, manufactured in Korea, is an ergonomically designed corrective cushion that helps to correct bad posture and reduce pressure on the lower back and coccyx.

✧ 高彈性背椅設計配合舒適泡綿坐墊,全面包覆臀部,讓您長時間使用亦感到舒適。

✧ 坐墊能承托高達195公斤,適合家中不同年齡和體重的人士使用。

Upright Seat 有紅、黑兩色可供選擇,而且適用於大部分辦公室椅、座駕、沙發或地上。

✧ Its high elasticity backrest design, combined with a comfortable foam cushion, fully wraps around the buttocks, providing long-lasting comfort.

✧ The cushion can support up to 195 kilograms, suitable for people of different ages and weights to use.

✧ Upright Seat is available in red and black, and is suitable for most office chairs, car seats, sofas, or even on the floor.