StickSology Breakfast Brew Black Tea Box 15 sticks

StickSology Breakfast Brew Black Tea Box 15 sticks
StickSology Breakfast Brew Black Tea Box 15 sticks
StickSology Breakfast Brew Black Tea Box 15 sticks

StickSology Breakfast Brew Black Tea Box 15 sticks

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A British and Irish favourite, a cup of breakfast brew tea is just what you need in the morning or to be uplifted any time of day. This brew is a single estate aromatic Kenyan tea.

Surprisingly complex flavours, deliciously nutty, tastes malty and finishes fresh. Takes milk well or a slice of lemon. Be as sweet as you like with sugar or honey.

Simply, Stir, SIP & Savour ...
StickSology is an innovative tea stick from London, England. Won multiple design and drink awards in the UK, and complete multiple international food safety standard tests. Natural tea comes from high -quality tea areas such as Sri Lanka, Kenya, and South Africa. 

"Detailed Introduction"
1. Convenience
General tea bags need to be used with tea spoons (stirring rods)
And StickSology tea stick design is much more convenient

2. Frozen water and hot water should be brewed
Generally, the tea bag can only be flushed with hot water.
On the contrary, StickSology tea sticks are perfectly exuded with tea flavor, and it can be brewed 3-4 times

3. It will not be too bitter
Generally, the tea bag will be soaked and will be strong and bitter
On the contrary, even if the tea stick is soaked all day, it will not be too strong, bitter
Because when tea reaches saturated, the tea stick will release the tea juice again

4. Bubble
Tea sticks can be rushed to three to four cups of tea
It's not like a tea bag and it doesn't taste it anymore

5. Tongjie
If you accidentally pull the cards, you will fall into the water, and it will easily drip from the place where you dirty
On the contrary, the top of the tea stick is exposed to the surface, stirring, convenient and hygienic

6. Safety
The tea stick is both an outer layer of aluminum foil, which can withstand 120 degrees high temperature and will not release toxic substances, and there are more than 400 small holes on the tea stick.

*This silver paper for making tea sticks is a safe food contact material -aluminum foil. This material is strictly produced in accordance with EU food contact materials standards and can be recycled.

*Fresh tea is made of small granules after routing (CRUSH), Tear, and CURL after routinely processing. There are a small amount of natural tea powder in the plastic packaging packaging, which is the raw material in the tea stick, which is normal.

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