【IGNITE CANDLE】Aromatherapy Scented Wax Bricks - Breathe Out

【IGNITE CANDLE】Aromatherapy Scented Wax Bricks - Breathe Out
【IGNITE CANDLE】Aromatherapy Scented Wax Bricks - Breathe Out
【IGNITE CANDLE】Aromatherapy Scented Wax Bricks - Breathe Out
【IGNITE CANDLE】Aromatherapy Scented Wax Bricks - Breathe Out

【IGNITE CANDLE】Aromatherapy Scented Wax Bricks - Breathe Out

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  • Natural soybean wax│Certificated Essential oil
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The mysterious and calm patchouli has the fragrance of the earth's green soil, plus the milky pure wood aroma, and the faint fruity aroma, which makes you feel like you are in the forest with a calm and solid sense of the earth connected.

Main tone:Sage/patchouli/frankincense/sweet orange

  • Sage: It smells like musk and amber, soft, warm herbal flavor
  • Fashion incense:Earth, wood, musk (forest dirt flavor after the rain)
  • mastic:Resin -like, wood
  • Sweet Orange: Exquisite and sweet, rich, with the aroma of fresh -cut willow
  1. Handmade aroma candle
  2. The calm smell smells people calm and stable
  3. Promote the release of serotonin and dopamine
  4. These hormones can relieve anger, anxiety and bad emotions
  5. The role of sedative nerves and stable emotions
  6. Element(Clary Sage) The aroma of alcohol alcohol ethyl acetate makes it the most relaxed, soothing and balanced essential oil
  7. Suitable for meditation/doing yoga/creation

Natural soybean wax, organic certification essential oil, dried petals and herbs

70 ml (about 12 grams per piece)
A box of 6 pieces of wax bricks

Place of origin
Hong Kong

How to use

  1. Put the incense wax bricks into the burner, according to the size of the wax melting, usually only need to use 1-2 grain of wax brick fragrance wax brick fragrance wax bricks
  2. Open the incense furnace:
    Buried the small candle (tasteless) and put it in the specified hole under the plate.
    Once you prepare the fragrance furnace, the wax will slowly melt and release a beautiful aroma.
    A grain of wax bricks can be expanded for about 3 to 4 hours.
  3. Remove wax and cleanFragrance furnace
    First, make sure that your aromatherapy furnace is not hot.
    You can use the following two methods to clean the aromatherapy furnace.
    1. Boil the wax for a few minutes until it is in the form of liquid. Use a cotton ball/tissue to absorb it and discard it.
    2. OpenVaporizerFor a moment, until the wax is slightly loose, it willThe wax bricks are shovel and will be put in the trash can.After the wax is taken, wipe the burner disk with a paper towel or wet cloth. It is not recommended to use cleaning products, because this may release harmful gases when burning.


  • Keep out of the reach of children and pets
  • Do not expose to drafts and do not move while in use
  • Not edible 
  • Do not use on skin, may cause allergic skin reactions
  • Never leave burning candles unattended

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