Privacy Policy

Savefever (the wholly -owned subsidiary of Meida Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Us", "Us", "The Company" or "Savefever") respects anyone who uses the company's webpage and mobile apps or participates in Savefever's activities Or register the privacy of the person who uses Savefever's services or online content includes but is not limited to the products and services of our partners (hereinafter referred to as "service"). The provisions of Chapter 486 of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Law of Chapter 486 (Privacy) (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") will be processed. If you provide personal information to us, it will be regarded as consent of this privacy policy.

The term "personal information" contains the significance of the regulations.

The purpose and purpose of collecting personal data

You don't need to provide any personal information to browse or use this webpage and mobile apps. When you participate in Savefever's activities or register our services or online content, we will collect your profile so that we can provide you with services. You can refuse to provide us with personal information, but in this case, we may not be able to provide you with services. Personal information is available, which means that you agree that we use your personal information to declare in accordance with this privacy policy.


Savefever may be used in the following purposes from the personal data obtained from you (the personal data you collected (including but not limited to)


· Identify your identity and any account you open

· Provide you with service

· Verification of identity and / or credit review

· It means you handle the products and services of the application and update partners, including but not limited to insurance and financial products

· On behalf of you to handle the product and service of the partner's product and service

· Try to handle payment instructions or recovery arrears for you

· Let this website store your personal information, so as not to buy products or update insurance products every time you need to re -enter the relevant information

· Process orders, open bills and perform orders

· Direct promotion of our service (see "Direct Promotion" part of details)

· Direct promotion of the company's business partners' products and services (see "Direct Promotion" part for details)

· Design you need to serve you

· Perform market research, statistical analysis and behavioral analysis

· Perform program viewing survey and analysis

· Make customer data analysis and analysis of your shopping preferences

· Let you choose the interactive function of the service we provide for you, including identifying your friends, and communicating with them and sharing your shopping experience

· Recommend your service or product or service you are interested in

· Design the company's website and content, cater to your specific preferences

· Provide you with customer service

· Process your complaints and account inquiries, claim the company or any party/or litigation

· Prevent and prevent fraud

· Audit purpose

· Disclosure in accordance with the applicable laws, rules and regulations

· Any other purposes directly related to the original purpose of collecting personal information


Category of personal data collected


Personal information collected by Savefever may includeincluding but not limited to):


1. Your personal information and contact information, such as name, gender, birth date, ID number, phone number, social media link, mail address, address, mail address,/or sending bill address;

2. Your business information, such as the company's name and title;

3. Your account information, such as 4 digits or user account number of the credit card account number;

4. Your family income and personal interests; and

5. Your computer or mobile device IP address, instant location information, browser settings, browsing records and / or other Internet records; and

6. The phone number and email address contained in your phonebook (when you use the interactive skills of the service we provide for you). When you accept our service, we will inform you. When you provide data to us, you confirm that you have obtained the contact person from the phone book.


Confidentiality, disclosure and security of personal data


Unless you get your written consent, Savefever will not trade with your personal information and contact information for benefits. Savefever's collection and holding your personal data will be processed secretly; but if you need to fulfill your legal responsibilities in accordance with the provisions or requirements of the law, or provide you with services, or to implement the original purpose of collecting personal data or direct related purpose, The company may disclose such information to the following persons (regardless of whether they are in Hong Kong or outside Hong Kong):

· Courts with jurisdictions, law enforcement agencies, or other government statutory or regulatory authorities, institutions or organizations

· The company's contact company, partner, participating in service sales and marketing or administration, or seller or contractor, agency or other service providers who provide goods / services

· The company's partners include but are not limited to insurance companies.

· Anyone who has a confidential responsibility for the company, including members of the company group who has promised to keep confidential, information technology consultants, information processing undertaking, auditors, accountants, or lawyers

· Bank, financial institutions, insurance companies, credit card issuance companies or recovery arrears service companies


Any issues, opinions, suggestions, or information on any part of your website or on any of our websites or websites, in addition to personal data, voluntarily provide the company in the form of non -confidentiality and non -professional data. We have the right to use these materials to be used, copied, disclosed, transmitted, published and/or or available in other places, including but not limited to the purpose of service development and promotion and to meet the needs of customers. Give any contact company.


Savefever will do everything possible to ensure that all personal information held by Savefever is stored in a place where it is reliable, stable and secure.


We will try our best to keep all the personal information collected. However, please understand that we cannot guarantee the safety of transmission data.


If you buy insurance products or other products or services of our partner, your personal data will be transmitted to your partner and your personal data will be used, handled and retained according to the partner's privacy policy. This is beyond our control. For details, please refer to the private policies of the partner.


Transfer your personal information to the place outside Hong Kong


If necessary in operation, the company will transfer personal data to the purpose of collecting such information outside the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, or directly related to its purpose. Any relevant information transfer will follow the regulations and constraints.


Preservation of Personal Information


If you choose or provide user identification code, password or any other information as part of the security program, you must regard this information as confidential information. You must not disclose it to any third party. If your mobile phone number is used for account login, you should make sure that when your mobile phone number is changed or returned a mobile telecommunications operator, it should be updated in time by logging in to your account in the "account information". This is important to ensure that your account information will not be obtained by the right to use the right to use your mobile phone number that you have returned. You must be responsible for protecting your account in this specific way. We do not bear any responsibility for this.


Unless the law requires that Savefever must save your personal data for a certain time, Savefever only preserve personal data to the original purpose of collecting personal data, or directly related to its purpose.


Direct promotion


Savefever may use the personal data collected to you to send messages, discounts, propaganda and market quotation purposes. In this regard, the company needs to obtain your consent. We can contact you through email, mobile app notification, social media link, text / image / video message or email. The company holds your name, contact address, social media connection, product and service portfolio data, transaction models and behaviors, browsing records, programs to watch habits, and personal interests.以下我們的業務夥伴的產品及服務,或SaveFever商戶的產品或服務類別之用,包括但不限於食品及飲料、雜貨、家居用品、個人護理及保健、護膚及化妝品、母嬰用品、寵物用品、 Electronic appliances, home products, food and drinking, sports travel, toy books, telecommunications, media and entertainment, fashion and insurance and financial product categories are the products or services that you may be interested in.


If you don't want to receive any direct promotional communication issued by us and partners, you can use your registered account or the cancellation subscription link to update your preferences at any time. After receiving your notification, we will stop using your personal information for direct promotions, and will not charge you.


Use the "cookies" file (cookies)


The "cookie" file is a small text file stored in your computer (or other electronic devices) when you enter the company's webpage and mobile app. We use the "cookies" file on this page so that:


· Recognize your identity when you browse this webpage and mobile app

· Get ​​information about your preferences, consultation and browsing behaviors, online activities and the use of the Internet

· Continue tracking the items stored in your shopping basket and assist you through the checkout procedures

· Carry out research and statistical analysis to assist us in improving services, and understand the requirements and interests of visitors and visitors

· Provide advertisements that match your personal interests, and more effectively carry out promotion and advertising plans of us, business partners and advertisers

· Make your online activities more efficient and better experience

· Make security measures stricter


The information obtained by the "cookies" file may not contain your personal information. Although we may obtain data from your computer or other electronic devices (such as IP addresses, browser settings, browsing records and / or other Internet records), you may not be able to identify your identity. Because non -personal data is mixed with personal data, in terms of privacy policies, we regard relevant information as personal data. In several circumstances, we can collect your personal information, but you must be voluntarily provided by you to fill in the online table, or collect it on our webpage and mobile applications or use services.


If you are not allowed to use the "cookies" file, you can adjust it on the Internet browser and electronic devices. If you stop the "cookie" file, it means that you know that you may not be able to use some functions of our webpage and mobile apps.


Connection webpage


This privacy policy statement is only applicable to the company's web pages and mobile applications. Our web pages and mobile applications may contain connection points to other websites and web pages. Whenever you start any connection URL, such as clicking the connection column of any advertising customer, you have left our website and mobile app; and after you leave our website and mobile app Any personal information or any other information provided is not within the scope of the company. You must bear all the risks of browsing or using other URLs.


Consultation and correction of personal information


If you have any questions about Savefever's privacy policy, or intentionally check or correct your personal information, you can inform us in writing according to the following address:


Meida Service Co., Ltd.


To: Savefever Privacy Data Director

Hong Kong New Territories Kwai Chung Kwai Container Wharf Road No. 88 Yongdeli Plaza No. 1 21-09 Room 01-09

According to the regulations, the company reserves the right to collect reasonable fees to the relevant consultation information.


In any case, if there are any resistance or inconsistencies in the two versions of China and Britain, the English versions are based on the English version.


This privacy policy will be reviewed regularly and updated on the website.