Naked Bean Coffee Cream Face Mask 75g

Naked Bean Coffee Cream Face Mask 75g
Naked Bean Coffee Cream Face Mask 75g

Naked Bean Coffee Cream Face Mask 75g

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Naked Bean brand's scrub mask uses coffee beans as the raw material for skin care. The scrub is made of freshly roasted coarse coffee beans, and it is combined with other natural ingredients to achieve multiple effects. Antioxidant, exfoliating, smoothing and brightening, reducing puffiness, firming, smoothing skin texture, repairing UV burns, removing redness and tightening pores, etc.

  • Replenish your skin with natural nutrients
  • Rich in high-efficiency antioxidant substances
  • Rich in a variety of active natural skin care ingredients
  • Freshly roasted coarse coffee beans
  • Antioxidant, exfoliating, smoothing, brightening, reducing puffiness, firming, smoothing texture, repairing UV burn, removing redness, shrinking pores

Rich in antioxidant ingredients, fresh and potent Arabica coffee seeds are used to promote the skin's automatic defense against aging
Exfoliate the skin, leaving the skin smooth and hydrated
From heels to face, a coffee bean scrub sloughs off dead skin tissue to reveal new, inner layers
The stimulating ingredients in coffee can relieve the tension of the brain nerves and help wake up the skin. Coffee bean scrub helps to remove dull and dead cells from the skin's surface, leaving you with a brighter complexion
Reduce puffiness
Tired eyes and the dark circles and puffiness around the eyes are the hardest to get rid of. The gentle Naked Bean Coffee Scrub can be used around the eyes to improve the skin around the eyes. The coffee in it restricts blood vessels and stimulates the skin, helping to make the skin firmer and more refreshed
Drainage can help drain excess water from the skin while constricting blood vessels for a firmer overall facial appearance
Calm the texture
If you have irritated, sensitive or dull skin, a coffee bean scrub can help soothe your skin, with antioxidants that help keep the texture balanced and healthy
Repair UV burns
Whether it is sunburn, freckles or deep pigmentation, coffee bean scrub can help the reverse growth of new cells and help the skin get rid of these unsightly spots
Remove redness
The coffee in the coffee helps to constrict the blood vessels, which can effectively remove the redness on the skin surface
Shrink pores
Its wheat protein helps shrink facial pores for a porcelain-smooth skin while also balancing moisture and gently Nourishing the skin
Ingredients and efficacy

Organic Bilberry and Bilberry:
Harvested from the dense forests of Scandinavia and its wild virgin forests near the Arctic, it is rich in antioxidant and moisturizing ingredients and skin-nourishing fatty acids

Wheat protein:
One of the substances that effectively shrink pores, after using facial cleanser, firming lotion, gel or lotion containing wheat protein, it can create porcelain-smooth skin, while also balancing moisturizing and gently nourishing skin

Jojoba Esters:
The wax esters produced are very similar to the protective wax layer secreted by human skin itself, keeping the skin smooth, supple and hydrated. Jojoba imitates the natural oily substance of the skin itself and penetrates deeply into the inner layer of the skin

Green Tea Essence:
Rich in natural antioxidant ingredients, it also has the function of protecting cells. Powerful antioxidant function to protect the skin and prevent damage from free radicals

Soybean Oil:
Rich in skin-friendly natural vitamin E, essential fatty acids and lecithin. Helps regenerate the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties

Rosehip Oil:
Is a natural source of fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9 to help repair and regenerate damaged skin tissue. It is also a natural source of vitamin C, a brightening agent that helps improve skin tone and restore skin radiance, and an anti-aging antioxidant

Chamomile Extract:
Anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-toxin functions, while containing important oils and antioxidants. Plus, chamomile extract is a desensitizer that helps reduce skin inflammation by counteracting free radicals



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