GreenConut-wormwood stabilizer 115g

GreenConut-wormwood stabilizer 115g
GreenConut-wormwood stabilizer 115g
GreenConut-wormwood stabilizer 115g

GreenConut-wormwood stabilizer 115g

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GreenConut's handmade soap is a low -temperature cold method. The production process is not higher than 45 degrees, maximizing the characteristics of vegetable oil to the product. When the cold handmade soap is just completed, the pH value will be higher than the range of the skin can be available. Therefore, green fruit will place the soap on a ventilated wooden frame and wait for the water contained in the handmade soap gradually drying. It is called the maturity period of soap. The cooked time is usually about 30-45 days, and the green fruit insists on lengthening the mature period to 90 days. Behind this persistence is because the handmade soap must be dry for a long time, so that the water inside the soap from the inside to the outside to the outside to the outside is the outside to the outside. It is completely dry to maintain normal use, and there will be no rapid softening. In the process of handmade soap, it will constantly react to soap. Through the accumulation of time, the handmade soap is full of mild and moist glycerin, and the skin can feel mild and deep moisturizing during use. Green fruit's handmade soap does not contain essential oils and any spices, but green fruit has many choices for different skin needs. At the moment you need, provide skin safety and effective cleaning.

[Herbal] Perennial herbaceous plants, mild nature, have special aromas that can soothe the skin.

[Sweet almonds] The oil quality is refreshing and soft and delicate, rich in minerals, protein and various vitamin ingredients, which are often used for moisturizing and maintenance of the skin.

Applicable to face and body skin: general, dry skin

Ingredients: sweet almond oil, water, palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, dry flat oil, wormwood powder

■ Use instructions
Witty and rub the foam with both hands, gently slide to the whole body to strengthen the skin absorption and conditioning effect, and then rinse with water. Used for face and body cleaning.

■ Note
Pure natural formation without chemical additives contains natural glycerin, so the product texture is softer. Please keep dry and from the ventilation place and avoid sun exposure.

■ Save way
The soap contains the soft texture of the natural glycerin. Please keep it in a ventilated place after opening to avoid sunlight exposure.
It can be preserved for more than two years without opening, and soap can also be placed in a moisture -proof box extended and saved.

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