Earth Harvest Superfoods Organic Biological Tea Tree Mushroom 120g

Earth Harvest Superfoods Organic Biological Tea Tree Mushroom 120g

Earth Harvest Superfoods Organic Biological Tea Tree Mushroom 120g

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Earth Harvest Superfood Why is it so important for life / wild (raw) food?

Because they are all foods made of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, chemical additives, anticorrosive treatment and high temperature manufacturing.
If they enter the human body, they may not be easily eliminated, increase liver load, and make the blood (pH) sour, produce sub -health.

Nutritional value:

Tea tree mushrooms are food bacteria. The bacteria lids are delicate, crispy, pure and fragrant, and delicious. Because of the dryness of the oral tea tree, it is also named tea tree mushrooms.The cylindrical mushrooms are rich in nutrients, high protein content, containing a variety of essential amino acids in the human body, and rich in B vitamins and mineral elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc.The pillar field mushrooms have the effects of clearing heat, flat liver, bright eyes, diuretic, and spleen.

Edible method :

Camellia mushrooms are a kind of high -nutrition but not high -fat food, so they are welcomed by female friends!

Rinse the tea tree mushrooms once quickly with water, soak it into the water for about 35 minutes. When cooking, put the tea tree mushrooms and soak water in the meat soup and cook the soup.

Introduction: Earth Harvest organic vitality tea tree mushroom / raw & organic cyclocybe aegerita
Raw material: China
Capacity/weight: 120g

About Earth Harvest Superfoods:

Earth Harvest Superfoods
Earth Harvest Superfoods Are Passionately Devoted to Sourcing and Delivering High-Quality, Raw & Organic Superfoods Ingredients from Organic Farms to Your Table.

ALL of OUR PRODUCT Series are free from addictives & Chemicals, With Fabulous Original Taste and Enriched with Anti-Oxidants and Vitamins, Should Be YourThiers.

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