Earth Harverst Superfoods Organic Black fungus 135g

Earth Harverst Superfoods Organic Black fungus 135g

Earth Harverst Superfoods Organic Black fungus 135g

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Why is it so important for life/wild (raw) food?

Because they are all foods made of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, chemical additives, anticorrosive treatment and high temperature manufacturing.
If they enter the human body, they may not be easily eliminated, increase liver load, and make the blood (pH) sour, produce sub -health.

Nutritional value:

Organic vitality black fungus8 kinds of amino acids containing the human bodyVitamin B2 content is 10 times the rice, It's every 100 gramsIron contains 98 mg, and the content is more than 100 times the meat30 times the calcium is meatEssence Black fungus is rich in glue, which has a good clear and moisturizing for the human digestive system.Extract qi and nourish the lungs and nourish the braineffect. The effect of clearing the intestines and moisturizing the lungs is effective in lung deficiency, long -term illness, and numbness. In addition, hemostatic effects are also used to treat hemoptysis, vomiting blood, blood diarrhea, leakage, hemorrhoid bleeding, constipation with blood, etc.The polysaccharide ingredient in black fungus has anti -tumor activityIt has a certain prevention effect on tumors, and can also reduce blood clots, alleviate coronary atherosclerosis, and reduce thrombosis.

How to eat:

Wash it with warm water, cook it with meat, or use it as fried dishes or cool companions.

Organic biological edible fungus series (shiitake mushrooms, black fungus, Tremella/snow ear, beef liver bacteria, tea tree mushrooms, Hericium mushrooms ...)

It must be the New Year, Christmas and Great Day, or the company's gift of gifts !!

Introduction: Earth Harvest Superfoods Organic Black fungus / Raw & Organic Wood Ear Mushroom
Raw material: China
Capacity/weight: 135G

About Earth Harvest Superfoods:

Earth Harvest Superfoods

Earth Harvest Superfoods Are Passionately Devoted to Sourcing and Delivering High-Quality, Raw & Organic Superfoods Ingredients from Organic Farms to Your Table.

ALL of OUR PRODUCT Series are free from addictives & Chemicals, With Fabulous Original Taste and Enriched with Anti-Oxidants and Vitamins, Should Be YourThiers.

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