Earth Harverst Superfoods Organic Best Baterobacteria 80g

Earth Harverst Superfoods Organic Best Baterobacteria 80g

Earth Harverst Superfoods Organic Best Baterobacteria 80g

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Why is it so important for life / wild (raw) food?

Because they are all foods made of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, chemical additives, anticorrosive treatment and high temperature manufacturing.
If they enter the human body, they may not be easily eliminated, increase liver load, and make the blood (pH) sour, produce sub -health.

Nutritional value:
Beef liverWith clearing heat and relief, nourishing blood and medium, chasing wind and cold, relieving tendons and blood, and tonicGod and other role, Chinese medicine thinks rightanemiaPhysiqueDizzinesstinnitusEffective,YesPatent medicineOne of the raw materials of "Shujin Wan"; it is also a gynecological medicine, which can cure women's leucorrhea and infertility. In addition, its water ratssarcomaThe growth of the S-180 has an inhibitory effect. The inhibitory rate of the S-180 of the sarcoma is 100%, and the inhibitory rate of Athi ascites cancer is 90%. at the same timeThere is also the role of anti -influenza virus and preventing coldsEssence Beef liverfungusIt is a cowpiobacteriaSongta NiobacteriaThe collective referred to as a family fungus, except for a small number of varieties that are toxic or bitter and cannot be eaten, most of the varieties are edible. Beef liver8 amino acids that contain the human body, Also contains adenate,cholineandAmineWaiting for alkaloids. Pharmaceutical,Treatment of waist and leg pain, numbness of hands and feet, twitching of limbs, can also be used to treat women's leucorrhea abnormalities.
Edible method :

There are many ways to eat cattle liver bacteria,Rinse with water, and then soak1鈡 鈡 鈡right.Italians like to coat butter on beef liver slices. French prefer fried. Chinese people usually use beef liver bacteria with meat, eggs, and vegetables. Of course, they can also be used for soup. The deliciousness of beef liver bacteria comes from the bones. No matter what method, the taste and taste will make people feel delicious

Introduction: Earth Harvert Superfoods Organic Live Beef liver bacteria / Raw & Organic Boletus
Raw material: China
Capacity/weight: 80g

It must be the New Year, Christmas and Great Day, or the company's gift of gifts !!

About Earth Harvest Superfoods:

Earth Harvest organic food
Earth Harvest Superfoods 

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