True Fun

True fun

    TrueFun was founded in May 2012. It is designed for urban people who pursue life styles, adding chefs and home furnishings to busy life. Truefun's real happiness is just bringing out the brand's core concept.
    Thailand's raw material of handmade wooden products.
    All the precious selected wooden products are made of logs with heart, so that each product has a unique personality, which can be used as decoration and embellishment of environmental purposes, adding a lot of fashion and taste to the home.
    In addition to importing wood products from Thailand, we also have plastic and metal products, all of which are designed and produced by their own. The quality is reliable and 100 % meet the food safety requirements.
    TRUEFUN has more than 30 years of mold manufacturing, injection molding and hardware stamping experience, mature quality management system, combined with a powerful R&D team, transforming customers' design concepts into reality products, so that the products we manufactured have spread all over the world all over the world all over the world. All localities include many famous brands.

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