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    Alteya Organics is an organic beauty and skin care company with USDA and NATRUE certifications, with its own roses and lavender fields, brewing factories, and the most advanced heart manufacturing factory Bulgaria Rose Valley.

    Planting and harvesting roses, lavender, chamomile and calendula, and use the formula passed down from generation to generation to distille the organic rose oil and other essential oils and flower water.

    All products are organic products certified by USDA or NATRUE. There are no animal cruelty, no chemicals, friendly to the earth, without GMO. We must never use the phenylbenzoate, oil, paraffin, dyes, mineral oil and any other chemical preservatives. Our formula has been widely studied and clinically tested to ensure safety and effectiveness.

    Since the beginning of the 1900s, planting and caring for roses have become a family tradition for more than a century. Alteya Organic Rose Garden is located in the heart of the Rose Valley of Bulgaria.

    Plantance and brewing factories maintain the status of pure organic Baolia rose oil, rose water, and other essential oils and flower water. Strictly control planting, harvesting and distillation in the forest, and conduct a wide range of laboratory tests on each step to ensure that the ingredients exceed all industry standards.

    Organic skin and body care products have also been tested in detail. Excellent quality begins with high -quality raw materials.
    Organic farms and other organic suppliers brought hundreds of plants for testing.
    Each component in the product must meet strict quality standards.

    Aletya's commitment to quality and sustainability is combined with one of the pioneers of organic skin and body care production. It has established a good relationship with major retailers, wholesalers and distributors, and the world's final customers.

    All products have been organically certified by USDA, without chemical ingredients, spices, and pigments. Do not use animal testing.


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