Alambika is a well -known German aromatherapy manufacturer Ayus GMBH. Ayus GMBH was founded in 1990 by Dr. Malte Hozel, a world -renowned aromatherapist, essential oil expert and educator. ALAMBIKA's 100 % pure and organic aromatherapy series and carefully developed natural skin care products are promoted to take care of the inner beauty and in the heart, hoping to help users take care of their beauty and take care of their souls.

    Dr. Hozzel first studied essential oils in the 1970s and included essential oils into daily life. With the accumulation of experience, in order to produce the best quality essential oils, Dr. Hozel purchased from the most primitive growth of plants, strictly selected partners. Over the years, he has been willing to treat land, love plants and respect for nature, and love the earth for many years. Farmers and essential oil producers and related industry players have established close cooperation relationships.

    Dr. Hzzel believes that high -quality products can expand the field of aromatherapy therapy, allowing more people to contact and use pure and beneficial products. Therefore, Alambika essential oils, vegetable oils, pure dew series and other products all come from wild, monitored or traditional planting plants. During the planting process, artificial fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide or bactericides are not used. All products also refuse to perform animal testing during the development process.

    For Dr. Hozzel, the connection between man and nature is the most important. Users can accept the kind gifts of nature and share with others at the same time. It is expected that the user can experience the producers' love of nature through Alambika's 100 % pure and certified organic aromatherapy and skin care products, accept the gifts given to human beings, and experience the joy of finding in nature.

    Alambika's mission:
    Provide you with the best 100% pure and certified organic essential oils and skin care products in the world.
    From harmonious, sustainable production and product development to impeccable quality, Alambika has set new standards for health and luxury.

    100% pure and certified organic essential oils and skin care products series redefine luxury. The carefully planned series contains the most sought -after beneficial ingredients, providing the wisdom of nature, and guiding nourishing the body, sensory and soul.
    Most of Alambika's essential oils are extracted through "steam distillation". The complex refinement process uses specific equipment, technology and high -level professional knowledge. Alambika uses low calories to slowly distille plant materials to ensure more complete and natural extraction. Real rich, complex aromas and comprehensive beneficial high -quality essential oils.

    Another advanced refining technology of Alambika is cold pressure. Process Protective Plants from the effects of heat and maintain the best level of aroma and beneficial characteristics.
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