Suphia's Functional Food

    Raw Cake | Functional Superfood bar | KETO bar 

    Suphia's functional bars helps you achieve your specific health or well-being goals. Plus, they are m
    ade with premium organic ingredients, providing clean energy.

    The bars are vegan, gluten-free, and raw, ensuring that anyone with food sensitivities will be able to enjoy them.

    Vegan Keto foods in Hong Kong are not easy to find in Hong Kong. Here, Suphia's KETO bars got you covered! 

    She makes these delicious and nutritious KETO bars with premium superfoods for you!
    Wish it will leave you satisfied and guilt-free. 
    Suphia's Food 健康能量條禮盒 (10條裝) (預訂)
    Suphia's Food 能量球10個裝 - 玫瑰有機士多啤梨 (免運費)│預訂
    Suphia's Food 能量球10個裝 - 紅菜頭薑補氣血 (預訂) 運費到付
    Suphia's Food 能量球10個裝 - 朱古力花生醬 (免運費)│預訂
    Suphia's Food 能量球10個裝 - 賽爾維亞有機野莓 (免運費)│預訂
    Suphia's Food 能量球10個裝 - 排毒活性炭椰子 (免運費)│預訂
    Suphia's Food 能量球10個裝 - 抹茶抗氧化 (免運費) │預訂
    Suphia's Food 能量球10個裝 - 朱古力咖啡 (免運費)│預訂
    Suphia's Food 能量球10個裝禮盒 - 杞子有機野莓 (免運費)│預訂
    Suphia's Food 能量球10個裝 - 朱古力粒曲奇 (免運費)│預訂
    Suphia's Food Lion’s Mane mocha 能量條 (10條裝)│預訂
    $55.00 ~ $68.00
    Suphia's Food 抹茶杞子能量條 (10條裝) 免運費│預訂
    Suphia's Food 檸檬罌粟籽能量條 (10枝裝) 免運費│預訂
    Suphia's Food 生酮 黑芝麻杏仁能量條 (10條裝) 免運費│預訂
    Suphia's Food 超級野莓能量條 (10條裝) (免運費)│預訂
    Suphia's Food 黑芝麻杏仁能量條 (10條裝) 免運費│預訂
    Suphia's Foods 生酮 可可椰子醬能量條 (10條裝) 免運費│預訂
    Suphia's Foods 生酮 美肌果漿能量條 (10條裝)
    Suphia's Foods 生酮椰子花生醬能量條 (10條裝) 免運費│預訂